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LuvBap LuvBap

2/24/2012 8:10:00 PM: LuvBap posted a comment to Ashlee Wagner's page

withlat withlat

5/2/2007 12:30:00 PM: withlat posted a comment to Luvbap's page

How you doin?...

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Ashlee Wagner Ashlee Wagner

4/26/2007 12:14:00 PM: Ashlee Wagner posted a comment to Luvbap's page

no i cant sry im new 2 neoblack too.

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hottcaramel89 hottcaramel89

4/25/2007 10:08:00 AM: hottcaramel89 posted a comment to Luvbap's page

hey wats up? jus checkin out yo profile!!! holla bac

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Ashlee Wagner Ashlee Wagner

4/24/2007 11:30:00 AM: Ashlee Wagner posted a comment to Luvbap's page

waz up wit ya u seem like a kool person get @ me sometime holla @ ya gurl 1.

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Black Poem: Sun driving away cloudy skies above tall trees  Bus riding bikes Gods people taking seats Talking loud ain't really saying nothing is something Breeze cool studying life jewels Good Health knowledge of self By no means is God through with me yet Places ya bets The stage is set Caste your

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Jernei Soulchild

Black Poem: Jernei Queen for all days I greet with the universal greeting of PEACE For you have proved yourself worthy Though life might b topsy turbie you keep it earthy A righteous fruit God shall keep and never forsake you Most respect due With all that i am I love you to infinity and beyond Baby Bo

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Boo Thang

Black Poem: Into the early morning a kiss and a hug tight as a glove wet as a flood hot as the sun no inhibitions multiple orgas is um Heavy on cum got you stuck in fetal postion Suck ones thumb i taste the sweat as i kiss your fore head when im done The blackwoman is a blackman's heaven

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Lick and Suck

Black Poem: Chew on your ear (Lick Suck) Onto your navel (Lick Suck) My tongue climbs up (Lick Suck) Your volcanic mountains erupt (Lick Suck)  Your nipples i touch (Lick Suck) I engulf (Lick Suck) Popping like pencils (Lick Suck) I stare into your eyes (Lick Suck) Mentally connected (Lick Suck) Oh w

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Bankhead Blues

Black Poem: Nite late 808's Heartbreak Breeze brush over beats My wind makes earthquakes Lucky panda tastes Pawn out pick or pay Crucial Han's shake No debates C food hush puppies like kakes Why is y is y wait

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